Tile & Grout Cleaning Service In Baton Rouge LA

Tile Cleaning Baton RougeProfessional tile and grout cleaning saves you time and helps you maintain the appearance of your home. We can clean stone, grout and ceramic tile areas. Bathroom and kitchen surfaces, as well as tiled floors can benefit from our professional services. Once we clean the surface, we can seal the surface making it resistant to stains or spills.

Baton Rouge Steam Tile Cleaning

Unfortunately, shampoo, dirt or soap can build on bathroom tile surfaces or in the shower. This buildup diminishes the appearance of your home. This buildup is resistant to regular household cleansers and requires the services of professional cleaners.

Grout & Tile Cleaning In Baton Rouge LA

Our high pressure hot water equipment lifts film, dirt and mildew from the affected surfaces. Once our equipment has done its job, we simply wipe clean the surfaces. Using high pressured equipment is safe and yet strong enough to remove dirt, film and mold from cracks in the surfaces. Once we clean your tile and grout, your floors will be sparkling clean. Even our Baton Rouge steam carpet cleaning service is one of the best in town!!