Carpet Cleaning in New Orleans and Metaire

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How to extend the life of your carpets

I have just replaced all my carpets. My old carpet was matted down and had wear patterns down the middle. What can I do to make my new carpet last longer? Well here is the anwser.

The best way to extend the life of you carpet is VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM and Clean your carpets every 6-8 months. Like any other fabric, carpet will last longer with proper maintenance. Frequent vacuuming prevents abrasive soils from cutting and prematurely wearing the fiber in other words its like sandpaper cutting the carpets fibers. In addition, avoid using carpet cleaning processes and spot cleaners that leave a soapy, foamy residue behind. This can trap abrasive particles and soils in your carpet and can cause discoloration. Would you shampoo your hair and leave the soap in? The answer is NO!! The same goes for your carpets. The Extreme Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaning process is a steam cleaning process in New Orleans and MetaireC. Our cleaning process is powered by Truckmount units and gets up to 240 degrees of HOT steam. This helps if you have a difficulty spot, you don’t know how to clean it call us for same day service or advice. Most stains and spots can be removed with immediate treatment.