New Orleans Carpet Cleaning for the Holidays

Carpet Cleaning – Christmas Time!!!

Carpet Cleaning Time!

With the Christmas and New Years among us it’s that time of year to examine your carpets. With family and friends coming in and out of your home you want to make sure your home is welcoming and as clean as possible. You want to make a excellent impression whether your family and friends are staying a few days or just a few hours. The most noticeable parts of your home and sometimes the least thought about parts are your carpets and tile and grout. If your carpets haven’t been cleaned with-in the last 6-8 months it’s time for a carpet cleaning!

Take a second and look over your carpets. I will bet you didn’t know that it was covered in doggie tee tee spots. I bet you didn’t notice those drink stains from your kids or soiled spots from your pets. A lot of times we are so caught up in our daily routines that we don’t often look down and notice or think about how dirty our carpets are. Spots can appear just from walking on them on a daily basis over and over again or from dust that comes from your A/C vents. It is important to have carpet cleaning performed at least every 6 to 8 months depending on how much traffic your carpet sees. Steam carpet cleaning or Bonnet cleaning will be the best thing you can do to your carpets. It will sanitize, eliminate dust mites and allergens, and remove any bacteria or germs. Extreme Carpet Tile & Grout Cleaning offers a deep clean that includes their prespray to help remove all those spots and stains you never noticed until now. Have odor? Well, Extreme Carpet Tile & Grout Cleaning includes a free deodorizer with all their deep cleaning treatments to freshen up your carpets. Believe it or not carpets can hold odors that won’t go away until they are properly cleaned. If you have pets and need to get rid of soiling spots or odor Extreme offers an extensive pet treatment on top of their deep cleaning in order to give your carpets the best carpet cleaning possible.

Extreme Carpet Tile & Grout Cleaning knows that the holidays can be stressful and expensive.We are New Orleans best carpet cleaners and we have affordable prices and convenient appointments. We always have carpet cleaning coupons for our customers to take advantage of and are available Monday thru Saturday; we even have evening appointments so you don’t have to miss work! Impress your family and friends this holiday season and save money by using Extreme Carpet Tile & Grout Cleaning. Here in New Orleans we only provide the best carpet cleaning possible without breaking the bank. Our schedule fills up fast during the holidays so call today!