How To Train Your Dog Not To Pull On The Leash

How to train your dog to not pull is one of the principal reason to people seek for professional dog trainer this video explain how to train your dog using only a six inches belt, it just happen because the dog has a great behavior inside of home but when come out it turn in on completely disobedient, to fix that you must make the dog clear that he us understanding to you, take the dog before go out and be sure that the dog agree with you must communicate, start with a slow walk the dog must be very calm, the training consist on communicate the dog using words when he is going faster and don’t let him do that, you don’t need pull up the dog just say something and don’t move yourself, then the dog will understand that he is doing something wrong, don’t yell the dog just don’t move yourself and say the word, the idea is not discipline the dog is just teaching him, when your dog is doing the training with you you must try to cheer up because the dog is like a child and he is thinking stuff like where is mama going or dad going and you should transmit this feeling of confidence to him say words like wonderful!!! or good!!! make the dog improve and don’t pull you… be a parent teaching your child to walk with you, training dogs is a parental style of teaching is about a parenting not controlling!!!!!

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