Great Dane “The Babysitter” – Cute Video !

Super cute video of Giant George a Great Dane babysitting a little baby! Great Dane’s are amazing with kids. I use to have one and that guy would be so gentle and soft mouthed with him. You see some dogs that snap at treats and you see some that are just over energtic and knock […] Read more »

A Dog’s Kayak Adventure – Great Video

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Awesome video of dog adventures! First they have to get this dog down to the water and then to the water. It’s just a cute video and it shows how far you go for your dog and it shows how much someone is into there dogs and ensuring they go along with them everywhere! Cute […] Read more »

Bulldogs Riding Around in A Toy Truck – SOOOO CUTE

Cute video of some bulldog puppies in a little toy vehicle! Adorable! It’s super funny how the bulldog is pushing the puppies too. I love bulldog pups because I would have to say that they are one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen in my life. Pups are so funny! I love how […] Read more »

MUDDY DOG!!!! Don’t let him in the house LOL

Talk about your worst nightmare!!! And then of course he’d come straight into the house on my new carpet that’s beige! That’s why I watch my dogs and they don’t get into this kind of a situation. This does take you back in time when you were a kid and you did wild and crazy […] Read more »

Bulldog In A Pool With NO ! Water!!! Super Funny !!!

This is a cute video of a bulldog in a small wading pool and you can tell he is wishing that there was water but there is actually none at all!!! Poor guy give him some water! Super cute and funny video! Bulldogs seem to find entertainment and fun in everything and anything they do. […] Read more »

Bulldog puppy Attacking His Toy! Super Cute

Great video of a bulldog puppy attacking a toy but falling over to get to the toy. Very cute and great video ! This bulldog is amazing to watch and I was watching it and laughing out loud because it was so funny! I love puppies and how they are always trying to discover things […] Read more »

The English Bulldog – A Short Video About The Breed

“This is a five minute video on The English Bulldog. It’s very interesting and it taught me a lot about the breed. I never realized how great of a breed they are. They truly seem like one of the best dog breeds out there and it honestly makes me want one. Dogs are amazing and […] Read more »

Dog Tucks Baby In Bed

Cute video of a jack russell dog tucking a baby in. Adorable! Loved this video and this dog is so cute. It’s amazing how dogs are so family oriented, kind, gentle, and a part of the family pack. Great video and almost unbelievable sometimes on how dogs are but great. I had a dog once […] Read more »

Bulldog Playing With A Lemon

Cute video of a french bulldog trying to play with a lemon. I love how he is batting at it and this video is just extremely cute. It’s like he doesn’t know whether to eat, play with it, or anything. Does it squeak ? What is this thing? I love dogs because everything is new […] Read more »

Rottweiler saves Dog from Fox – Video

What an amazing video!? I almost didn’t believe it until I saw this but it is a Rottweiler saving a Chihuahua from a fox. The Rottweiler is bolting to get to the fox to rescue the dog too. How intense would this be to witness? I’ve had some run ins with foxes before and if […] Read more »