Green Carpet Cleaners Baton Rouge LA

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

If your home or business needs some sprucing up, you may consider having your carpet cleaned. It rejuvenates the look of the space while making it cleaner to breathe in and fresher to touch. This is especially true if you opt for professional green carpet cleaning services. Green cleaning services are characterized by several different […] Read more »

Green Carpet Cleaners Baton Rouge LA

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

Most agree having a carpet cleaned is necessary to restore the carpet to its original showroom look, but is it necessary to hire green carpet cleaning services? If you want to protect the environment and your own health, it certainly is. There are scores of benefits to hiring a green carpet cleaning service. First, no […] Read more »

Baton Rouge Steam Cleaners

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

Over time, carpets can deteriorate due to chemicals such as urine and mold. Other primitive methods like shampoo and vacuuming can remove a lot of dirt and particles superficially, but do not dig deep to the surface.There are a lot of problems associated with using chemicals to clean carpet. The ingredients within the chemicals can […] Read more »

Area Rug Cleaners In Baton Rouge LA

If you have an Oriental area rug, you are probably very proud of it. You enjoy having it be a centerpiece in the room. Unfortunately, that also means it probably gets quite a bit of traffic over it. For this reason, it is important to have the professionals clean it to bring it back to […] Read more »

Baton Rouge Steam Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Baton Rouge

As a homeowner, you have a responsibility not only to yourself but also to your family to keep your home clean and sanitary at all times. Otherwise, your family members could end up getting sick and you would feel miserable because it was something that could have been prevented. This is why it is important […] Read more »

Baton Rouge Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

There are many styles and colors of carpeting to choose from. You may have plush, pile carpeting, beautiful berber or another type of carpet flooring in your home. Regardless of the type of carpeting you have, you may find that it easily attracts and retains dirt. For example, despite frequent vacuuming efforts, you may notice […] Read more »

Baton Rouge Area Rug Cleaning Service

Unlike basic carpets, oriental area rugs come in many different types of materials, and are often delicate and valuable. Our Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Services take the time and effort it takes to properly clean each individual rug based on the unique materials found in each rug. We also use the most efficient cleaning techniques […] Read more »

Baton Rouge Steam Carpet Cleaning Service

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

Professional steam carpet cleaning is extremely important because of the many benefits if offers. Steam carpet cleaning is the only method of carpet cleaning that actually cleans the carpet completely. Other techniques for cleaning, such as dry and bonnet cleaning, only give the carpet a clean appearance, but all the dirt is left lying below […] Read more »

Best Carpet Cleaning Prices In Baton Rouge

carpet cleaning baton rouge new orleans

When it comes to carpet cleaners in Baton Rouge, Extreme Carpet has the best prices in town! As a family-owned business, Extreme Carpet prides itself on not only its low pricing but the ability to offer the same level of service as every other carpet cleaner in the region. Whether you need your carpets cleaned, […] Read more »

Upholstery Cleaners In Baton Rouge LA

Our furniture receive a lot of abuse over the years with spills, dirt, and many other particles that penetrate into the fabric. Over the years, you will find that your upholstered furniture have accumulated set-in stains and has slowly changed color. Many people find themselves spending on new furniture because their sofas and chairs have […] Read more »