Bulldog Puppy Sleeping – Super Cute !

The way that little bulldog puppy was moving in her sleep reminds me of my own dog, Sadie. Sadie isn’t a bulldog, but she is a puppy. When she finally dozes off either in the middle of the day or the evening, everything seems pretty normal and calm at first. After a few minutes of snoozing, though, Sadie drifts off into dreams that I wish I could see for myself. She shakes, growls, moves her legs like she’s running, wags her tail, and breathes heavily. That must be some rabbit she is chasing in her sleep. At first, I was worried that she was uncomfortable and I would wake her up. Now I just think it’s adorable the way she moves to her dreams, and I love to watch her after she closes her eyes. She doesn’t seem to mind it. It’s just a dog thing, as that little bulldog puppy’s owner probably found out rather quickly!

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