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Any professional who is knowledgeable about carpet knows that steam cleaning is the most highly recommended type of carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning carpets provides the deepest cleaning available compared to other ways of cleaning carpets. Steam cleaning forces the dirt out from down deep in the carpets, cleaning much deeper than any powders or shampoos. Powders and shampoos really only clean the surface of the carpet.


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CarpetCleaning Baton RougeAnother great advantage of steam cleaning is that it leaves less no residue on the carpet. Any type of chemical product that has been used on the carpet will be removed better than any other process can remove it. Not only will the carpet have a new look, but it will feel great to the touch. Unlike other cleaning processes, you won’t feel any stickiness remaining on the carpet.

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With other methods of cleaning, residue is left behind, which allows soil and dirt to build up again on the carpet. This really defeats the purpose of the cleaning. Completely removing the chemicals with steam cleaning will keep that from happening in the future.

Professional carpet cleaning in Baton Rouge LA is beneficial for families who have allergies or asthma because the steam will extract the allergens, dust and pet dander. Detergents or chemicals will also be removed, so there is no worry about those sensitivities.


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