Baton Rouge LA Oriental Area Rug Cleaners

AreaRug Baton Rouge LAA homeowner whose oriental rug needs cleaning must be careful when choosing a rug cleaning company in Baton Rouge. True oriental rugs are expensive and the very best ones are woven by hand. A company that specializes in cleaning them must have a team of highly skilled professionals.

When the homeowner calls our company to clean his or her rug, our professionals will come to the home, inspect the rug and determine the kind of care it needs. We’ll see if it’s discolored, stained, faded or if it has an unpleasant odor that will need to be washed out. This will determine how we will clean the rug.

Area Rug Cleaning Baton Rouge LA

When we take the rug from the home, it will be cleaned and cared for at our plant. This includes the rug being washed or dry cleaned. We wash oriental rugs with the utmost care because they are made of natural fibers that need to retain a level of moisture in order to remain supple. On the other hand, if the fibers are too wet, the jewel-like colors can run and the rug can be vulnerable to destructive mold or mildew. This means that the cleaning might take a while, but when the rug is returned it will be perfectly clean, brilliant and sweet smelling.

Homeowners should also know that not only will we be gentle with their oriental rugs, but we will pick up and deliver their precious rugs free of charge. We’re also fully competitive with any other rug cleaning service in the area.