Baton Rouge Area Rug Cleaning Service

AreaRug Baton Rouge LAUnlike basic carpets, oriental area rugs come in many different types of materials, and are often delicate and valuable. Our Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Services take the time and effort it takes to properly clean each individual rug based on the unique materials found in each rug. We also use the most efficient cleaning techniques for optimum results, including specially designed vacuums that will clean the excess dirt off of the delicate surface, a pretreatment to help bring the original vibrancy back into the oriental rug, and then either a hand washing or dry cleaning depending on the materials found in the rug. Inspecting each rug thoroughly before the cleaning process begins is necessary. This ensures that each rug will be given the best treatment possible without causing any fading or damage to the fabric. Because of this, it is highly recommended that every rug be brought into our facility for a close inspection before the cleaning process begins. Our Oriental Area Rug Cleaning Services care as much for the customers as we do for their oriental area rugs. We listen carefully to each customer’s personal requests and are happy to answer questions to the best of our abilities. Call us today and get one step closer to making your favorite oriental area rug look as good as new!