Area Rug Cleaning New Orleans LA

Area Rug Cleaning New OrleansArea rug cleaning involves a slightly different cleaning process because most area rugs are made of different fiber types than wall-to-wall carpet.

Incorrect cleaning will leave a residue that dirt will stick to which will cause your oriental rug to soil more quickly. Not only does this effect the appearance, but small dirt particles act like sandpaper and as you walk on the rug and grind them into the surface it causes premature wear and damage. Call us today for quality Area Rug Cleaning New Orleans.

Area Rug Cleaning New Orleans

For regular maintenance, we recommend that you vacuum frequently, but be careful not to catch the fringe. Turn or rotate your rug every couple of months to avoid wear patterns.  Sun light can fade your rug so you may need to close drapes or blinds at certain times of the day. Call us today for quality Area Rug Cleaning New Orleans.

To determine if your rug needs to be cleaned professionally, test an area by blotting it with a damp white cloth. Some darkening of the cloth is normal, due to surface dust.  But if the cloth picks up a lot of dirt, you’ll know it’s time for a professional cleaning.

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